When we talk about LOVE, there’s so many term that so hard to forget. sometimes, love make us feel what is joy and what is sorrow. if we have feel the sweetness of love, we feel like people who addicted to something, and we want to get more. beside that, love can be a disaster if we get it wrong. sweetness of love makes us want to have it even though we’ve fallen into a very deep hole. but, the best formula is, love that we plant together and we flush it with love and we take it care from the virus which can make the love died. the true love is someone’s love who is happy when her or his love is happy. and most importantly is TRUST 😀 So, take a good care for your love, and if you fail, don’t give up! you must cheer up! correct yourself and do your best!


NB: sorry for my bad grammar. this is what i though about love. is it bad? i know it -_- but this is it!!