Monthly Archives: March 2013

a sad story didn’t always end sad. and a happy story didn’t always end happy. but, let’s just try our best and made our own happy ending. just try our best take care of each others and love our partner with all our heart – “itsmeyuri”

everything would change

every time, every second.

when you didn’t realize it, it change.

make you shock and can’t do anything.

it change that made your heart hurt.

knock it knock it

what will you when you realize it?


keep it silence

feels like it never happen

just try to forget it

maybe it’s the best way

The worst thing i ever do is,

can’t forget you anymore.

the best thing i ever do is,

love you deep from my heart.

you are my everything,

always be my everything

until my last breath, and when i’m wake up.

in the new life, in the best place.