On 30th June last year, one of Korean idol would come to Indonesia for their Asian Tour. They are MBLAQ. I already had their ticket after the promotor announce their concert. And the promotor gave 500 lucky fans to have a ‘hi five’ session with the idol 1 day before the concert. And fortunately, my name is included in 500 of the lucky fans.

The day had come. I went to MEIS at Ancol. I had to wait from 12PM until 3PM for MBLAQ. Finally we could enter the hall at 3PM o’clock. but we had to another minute because we couldn’t just go inside. from 500 people, the crew split it to 2 session. and i got the first session. when i already inside the hall, i have to wait for their arrived. Not so long after MBLAQ enter the hall. the fans was going crazy. they scream at the top of their lungs (included me). They was so so gorgeous. with their handsome face, their height, their broad shoulder ad everything made them look gorgeous.

After they said a few words, we told to stand up and made a line to go to the stage and have ‘hi five’ with them. I was so nervous. my hand got cold and sweaty. when I still at home i had so many thing to say. But when they already in front of me, i got all speechless. all i can say is “오빠 안녕” (hallo).

Although that’s just a “hi five” less than 5 minutes, I was so so happy. I, already wait for them to come to Indonesia since their debut day. which is since 2009. and after 3 years of waiting, finally i can see them, right in front of me. Not even 1 meter, it’s just one table away. I can’ forget it until right now. They’re my idol.

And here they are