Yesterday, i went to bogor just to have lunch with my family. we went to restaurant named ‘GUMATI’. it took about 1 hour to get there by car. 

When we arrived, we have to pray first. after pray, I went downstairs to get to the restaurant. the restaurant have Bali nuanced. when you see the wall, there’s so many artist picture hanged on the wall.

We took the gazebo, because it more fit with my family than the table. it didn’t took long enough to the food finished. we have carp, squid, shrimp, chicken, and many more. The food is so delicious. i feel like i didn’t have breakfast and keep eat and eat. and with a few minutes, the food all gone.

but unfortunately, because of the rain, we couldn’t go to the car. so we have to wait to the rain to stop. But the rain didn’t stop after half an hour. but it not as heavy as before, so we decide to go trough the rain. no, my dad and i did. my mom and my sister wait at the lobby so they not damp by rain.

After we got off from GUMATI, my sister asked my father to go to ‘rumah cupcake’ which is located at salak st. at Bogor. the place is all about pink. they have cupcake, many beverage, even traditional snack. i get some black forest cupcake, my sister got blue and red velvet and hot chocolate. my dad had traditonal snack called ‘Jojongkong’. Since my mother had some disease, she can’t eat sweet things. so she just looked at us ate sweet food. i pity her :’

not long after, we went home. That was my family lunch at Bogor. I felt very happy because, i have my family time after 2 weeks we didn’t go together.