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Every person in this world has a problem when learning English. Including me. I have some too. Even I can understand most of word in some article, I can’t write one. My brain got some ‘Brain Freeze’ if i had to write something. Not because I’m not understand any word in English, but because my poor grammar. If i had to write something, the sentence became disaster. I don’t know if someone read it, they’ll understand or not. I have learnded English about 13 (?) years. But until now, I can write some story or anything. Even when i had to text my sister, or my friend (whose not speaking bahasa), i confused what should i say. I got stuck. i just write what i said in my brain. So, I hope, next time I can write my own story with right grammar. Not a disaster like this one.


NPM : 10212293

2. Q: “I had just come from solo” , I said

    A: He said that He had just come from Solo

9. Q: He said that he would make that tshirt himself

    A : “I will make that tshirt myself”, He said

3. Q: Arthur is not in class today. Ricardo is not in class today

    A: Both Arthur and Ricardo are not in class today