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1. I … go to your house next morning

a. will                          c. have to

b. must                       d. Should

2. You will have to get your father … to the bookstore.You need to buy some books

a. to make you take you

c. taking you

d. to buy you

3. “Novi”, would you like to close the window?” Clara said. In other words, we can say, that…

a. clara needs to open the windows

b. clara asked novi to close the windows

c. novi asked clara to close the windows

d. novi needs the windows to be opened

4. Sinta … spaghetti last week

a. eat                c. ate

b. eaten            d. be eaten

5.  I am …. the food right now

a. cook            c. cooked

b. cooking  d. have cooked

6. My little brother had scattered all his toys on my bed, so I had him … it

a. clean

b. to clean

c. cleaned

d. to be cleaned

7. I don´t know how to repair cars, so I’m ……… repaired at the garage round the corner.

a. having mine                c. have mine

b. have                                 d. had mine

8. I really must ………  I´m sure I need glasses

a. tested my eyes

b. get my eyes tested.

c. have my eyes tested

d. my eyes tested

9. “I had just come from solo” , I said

a. I said that I had just come from solo

b. he said that he just come from solo

c. He said that He had just come from Solo

d. I said that I just come from Solo

10. She is ……. Her proposal right now

a. type

b. typing

c. typed

d. write


If you ask me “What’s your wish?” i will always say “I have many wishes” . I wouldn’t tell you all my wish. just three or four maybe?

My first wish is to go too Mecca with my family. like all my family. mom, dad, grandma, sisters and many many. That’s not just my dream, but every islamic people out there. 

Second, I wanna make my parents happy. I want my parents to see me success. Give them something with my own money. Money from my hard work. Tell them that they have success to raised me until i become like this. I can’t wait to tell my parents that words. 

Third, Go around the world. take so many pictures, make some good memories and so so so. 

actually, i have like 100 or 1000 (?) dreams. but i can’t tell you here. and i hope someday, my wish will come true ^_^

A noun clause is a group of words that contains a subject and a verb; however, it cannot stand alone as a sentence.


What you think doesn’t matter.

A noun clause can be used as the subject or the object in the following forms:

1. Noun as Subject

Example: What you think doesn’t matter

2. Noun as Object

Example: I don’t know what she say

A noun clause can begin with a question word, “whether” or “if”, a question word + TO infinitive, or “that”


1. with Question word

How she survive from that crash?

2. With “whether” or “if”

Whether he will go to her or not.

If He will go to her then she got accepted.

3. A question word + TO Invinitive

What to say to them, we didn’t know.

4. That

It pleased her parents that she worked hard for the whole term.


3. Do you know when they are coming?

Have something done and Get something done are both used to refer to actions which are done for the subject rather than by the subject. Causative verbs are used instead of passive verbs to show that the subject causes the action to be done.

1. Have something done

I don´t know how to repair cars, so I´m having mine repaired at the garage round the corner.

2. Get something done

I really must get my eyes tested. I´m sure I need glasses.
Get your hair cut!

NOTE: The differences between have and get something done are that have is slightly more
formal than get, and that get is more frequent than have in the imperative form.



9. She wants to has my book bought