I.  Multiple Choice

1.Tadho is the only one of those students who ______ lived up the potential described in the year book.

a. Has


c. Had

d. Is

2. One of my friends ___ an extra on The Compettion this week

a. Are

b. Is

c. Has

d. Had

3.Not only the students but also their instructor ______ been called to the principal’s office.

a. Have

b. Had

c. Has

d. Hasn’t

4. Most of the fruit ____ gone bad. Thousand kilos of fruit _____ still in the crate.

a. Have – are

b. Has – is

c. Has – are

d. Have – is

5. Five years ____ a long time to spend away from your family.

a. Is

b. Has been

c. Are

d. Have been

6. A large number of voters still ____ along straight-party line.

a. Vote

b. Voting

c. Voted

d. Votes

7. Nobody _____ the trouble I’ve seen.

a. Knows

b. Known

c. Know

d. Knowed

8. Mathematics ____ Nadya’s favorite subject, while Civics ____ Darrel’s favorite subject.

a. Is – are

b. Are – is

c. Is – is

d. Are – are

9. The Prime Minister, together with his wife, _____ the press cordially.

a. Greeted

b. Greets

c. Greet

d. Greeting

10. The large companies in our area ___ a cheap source of labor.

a. Needs

b. Need

c. Needed

d. Needing

II. Error Analysis

  1. The players is going to the pizza restaurant after today’s game.
  2. They walk to school every day. But sometimes one of them are go to school by car.
  3. He was quite amusing when he heard what had
  4. The robber give the victims a lot of stab at the stomach.
  5. I has never traveled I might next year, though.
  6. They doesn’t mind staying late if they have a lot of
  7. She was really selfish.  She only care about 
  8. I wish I has more time to finish the
  9. She study for four hours at the library last week.
  10. After a few minutes, I looks up and saw that it was getting dark.
  11. We spends not only some time in the urban area but also went to the countryside from time to time.
  12. We has to do it ourselves as there are not enough workers to finish it on time.
  13. I has to think about the problem for a while, but I finally figured  it out.
  14.  Amy sit beside me in class while Sita is behind me.
  15. They gives him more responsibilities since he is handling his current responsibilities very well.